Why Should I Hire A Marketing Agency?

Marketing managers of growing companies look at their team, see the gaps and recognize what they need help doing. However, there’s a delicate balance as you grow — bringing the right people on board to grow the business without out-spending cash flow. Each HR decision must be carefully weighed against the revenue side of the equation. Making this transition is critical to growing from a small business to a market contender. Looking into an agency can have several advantages…


Lead Generation in 2018: 5 Keys to Success

New Year, new objectives and new growth targets! For any B2B company, a solid sales pipeline starts with a solid lead generation program. Advertas has been helping technology companies grow the quantity and quality of their leads for 15 years. Over that time, we’ve found that the lifeblood of a sustainable effort is the marketing database. Let’s assume for a minute that a.) you keep a marketing database, and b.) you actively maintain it. If that’s not the case, that should be Task #1 on your things-to-do in the new year. There are several CRMs on the market that do a fantastic job of…